Practical Research at the Scholarly Level

See if you recognize the behaviors in this
new empirically based model.

Few employees or managers openly resist or 

commit. It's not worth the cost, risk or energy.


Ron Koller is an organizational change researcher studying the success factors in strategic change initiatives.

He is working on his doctoral dissertation at Capella University in Minneapolis, MN.

Politics drive people underground where 

apathy & obedience are the norm.

New research on individual reactions 

enables change success.

Imagine reports that assess
 real reactions to change ...
enabling you to more effectively allocate resources.

This model is flexible enough to match
you can relate to.

How do you get started?

If you want to participate in this research, please click here to find out more 
information, or here to be contacted.

Midwest Academy of Management
2013 Presentation:

Midwest Academy of Management - New Resistance-Commitment Paradigm from Ron Koller

Presentation with Narrated Audio
(real audio from live presentation coming soon)