About Researcher

Ron Koller is a consultant and researcher.  He co-authored Whole-Scale Change:  Unleashing the Magic in Organizations (Berrett-Koehler, 2000) and the accompanying Toolkit.  


He is also co-author of The Road to Commitment:  Capturing the Head, Heart and Hands to Effect Change (OD Journal, 2005).

Ron learned about organizational change from Kathie Dannemiller.  She was a student and colleague of Ron Lippitt.  Lippitt was a student of Kurt Lewin, the Father of Applied Social Psychology.  


Ron Koller's work as a consultant to organizations and researcher carry on the traditions of these organizational psychology pioneers.  To paraphrase Lewin:

There is nothing as practical as a good theory.

This research is based on 20 years of experience in real organizations.  

Ron has done billable work for the following organizations:

Too much of peer-reviewed research has focused on why  organizational change initiatives succeed or fail.

We are now asking ...
 How can we make today's 
change initiatives succeed?